Langley Division of Family Practice

Our Hospital

The Langley Memorial Hospital (LMH) provides an integrated, acute, and community-based health service, ensuring that the needs of the Langley community are met. These needs are met through the Langley strategic plan, which is based on the Fraser Health strategic plan and the Ministry of Health’s Performance Agreement.

Langley’s population of 150,000 represents 8% of the total Fraser Health population. The LMH keeps up with the rapidly expanding community by providing a wide range of integrated health services that meet the primary needs of the community.

The hospital has 166 beds and 224 for extended care. LMH employs 1,683 people, including management and support staff, facilities, nursing, and paramedical. The staff is a healthy mix of experienced staff and student placements, all of whom are equally committed to providing the best care possible.

The LMH is an advanced neighborhood resource facility that offers services such as:

  • 24/7 emergency services (including emergency surgery)
  • 24/7 urgent care
  • general medicine
  • acute care beds in general medicine and surgery
  • critical care units
  • elective day surgery
  • lab and radiology
  • diagnostic and pharmacy services
  • outpatient ambulatory care
  • obstetrical care
  • IV antibiotic clinic
  • pediatrics program
  • psychiatry
  • public health/home health care support
  • sub-acute beds: medical, surgical, and rehabilitation
  • core specialties
    • ear/nose/throat
    • internal medicine
    • general surgery
    • ophthalmology
    • orthopedics
    • oral maxillary facial surgery and hand surgery
    • gynecology/urology.

Home Health and Support Services

The Langley Seniors' Resource Centre, under contract with Fraser Health, offers day programs at the Seniors’ Centre, outreach and home visits, and volunteer driving. Home Health offers acute home nursing services, occupational therapy, physiotherapy, ambulatory clinic, home palliative program, and long-term care assessment and care management. Services provided include residential care, supported housing, outpatient treatment, and community support for adults and seniors. Services are provided in individual’s homes, community agencies, and residential facilities.

Mental Health and Addiction Services

This service provides residential care, supported housing, outpatient treatment, and community support for adults and seniors, either in individuals’ homes, community agencies, or residential facilities.


Langley is one of the fastest growing areas in Fraser Health. The past decade has seen many developments to LMH that have provided great benefit to patients in this community, including construction of bronchoscopy isolation rooms and more hospice space, as well as renovations in ambulatory care and the histopathology lab. Our investments in health care go beyond the hospital — we have also added 18 residential care spaces in Langley and 136 more residential care and assisted living spaces.

Additional Highlights

  • 15% increase surgical in-patient
  • 7% increase surgical day care
  • 8% increase emergency department visits
  • 8.5% increase in births
  • Active participating in the national save lives campaign “Safer Health Care Now!”  initiatives
  • One of the first single room obstetrics unit in Canada
  • Provincial benchmark for LOS of hips and knee surgery
  • Administration and physician engagement with strategic planning
  • Active foundation / hospital auxiliary and volunteer program
  • New radiology “PACS” system
  • Newly opened 10 bed hospice unit
  • Joint project with Blair Pool to open a Healthy Heart Cardiac Rehab Program
  • Converted 10 beds into a sub-acute program to provide enhanced geriatric care and rehabilitation
  • Acute home treatment for psychiatry.

What's New

Construction Begins on the new Emergency Department

On January 25, 2019, Minister of Health Adrian Dix was on site at Langley Memorial with leadership from Fraser Health and hospital caregivers for the official Emergency Department ground-breaking.

“As Langley continues to grow and thrive, hospital services must keep up to the increasing demand for emergency services,” said Adrian Dix, Minister of Health. “Our government’s investment means this expansion will finally get underway and help ensure patients get better access to emergency health care when they need it.”

Fraser Health is contributing $29.32 million towards this project with Langley Memorial Hospital Foundation donors supporting a $15 million campaign for the Emergency Department and additional MRI Suite.

“This is an exciting milestone for all the community members who have stepped up to help make this project a reality,” said Langley Memorial Hospital Foundation’s Executive Director, Vivian Smith. “We see how much the new Emergency Department means to everyone in Langley and are honoured to be a partner in improving urgent health care services.”

At the ground-breaking, Foundation Board Chair, Ellen Peterson, announced 80 per cent raised on the $15 million fundraising goal in support of the new Emergency Department and Langley's first ever MRI Suite to be located on the hospital grounds.

"We couldn’t do it without the support of the hospital staff, the Mayor and Counselors of Langley City and of the Township of Langley, and every Langley citizen who has taken the lead and donated whatever they can," said Peterson. "It’s an honour to be here and see construction begin."

What's Next?

With community support, we can improve urgent care: 

  • A new Emergency 3x the size of the existing department
  • 49 new treatment spaces, up from 31
  • Designated pediatric waiting area & treatment spaces
  • MRI Suite able to handle up to 7,500 exams within its first 12 months of operation

The MRI Suite will open at Langley Memorial Hospital in early 2020 and the new Emergency Department will open in late 2020.

Source - the Langley Memorial Hospital Foundation