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Local Initiatives

Through the Langley Division of Family Practice, our local doctors are working together to create positive changes in the access to and delivery of health care in our community.  Our initiatives focus on the areas which family doctors have identified as having the greatest opportunities for improvement.

From a commitment to finding a family doctor for every Langley resident who wants one through A GP for Me, to improving operational efficiencies and enhancing collaboration between medical professionals, to addressing the needs of specific populations such as mothers, babies and seniors, we are actively working to build a healthier Langley for all.

Community of Practice >

To optimize the benefits of EMRs, the Langley Division of Family Practice has created a community of practice, a group of doctors who seek out ways to use the power of technology to benefit patients and family practices. 

Community of Practice

In-hospital Care >

In Langley, many of our family doctors have privileges at Langley Memorial, which means they are able to care for their own patients before, during and after a hospital stay. 

In-hospital Care

Innovation and Community >

Through this pilot project, the Langley Division of Family Practice installed digital screens in family practice waiting rooms to promote awareness and education on common health issues. 

Innovation and Community

Integrated Health Network >

To improve efficiencies and optimize patient access to home health support, each Langley family doctor now works with a single home health representative for all patients in their practice. 

Integrated Health Network

Maternity >

Langley Division of Family Practice has identified maternity patients, as well as new moms and babies, as a priority population, particularly with our family doctor-patient matching program.


Medical Office Assistants (MOA) Network >

Learn more about Medical Office Assistants (MOAs) who play a vital role in running an efficient family practice. 

Medical Office Assistants (MOA) Network

Nurse Practitioners for BC >

Find out more information about Nurse Practitioners for BC.

Nurse Practitioners for BC

Langley Learning Network >

The future of Family Practice requires teachers and learners. Langley offers the best place to do both.

Learning Network