Central Interior Rural Division of Family Practice

What We Do.

The CIRD is one of 35 Divisions of Family Practice in BC, that facilitate dedicated healthcare professionals coming together to transform and elevate the quality of primary care for families and individuals, making a positive impact on community health and well-being. 


  Our Vision.

Our vision is that Central Interior Rural Division is known as a sought-after region to practice family medicine because we offer multiple practice options, work life balance through coverage and collegiality, and integration with interdisciplinary teams. We, the Central Interior Rural Division (CIRD), play a critical and trusted role in supporting our members to engage and lead in meaningful work.


  Our Purpose.

We, the Central Interior Rural Division, serve family physicians and nurse practitioners in our region through integration, support, navigation and advocacy to make their lives easier and better.


  Our Values - How we show up. 

Impact – What we do is relevant for all primary care providers in our region. We provide effective, measured, local contributions that are interconnected and purposefully linked to our larger healthcare system.

Integrity – We commit to showing up in a transparent manner for our members, partners, and community.

Empowerment – through teamwork collaboration and trust, we foster our members unique voice in the healthcare system for rural primary care access.


   Our Strategic Enablers.

In order to pursue our strategic areas of focus we recognize the following as our core strategic enablers:

To provide regular and timely communication materials we share with our members, our Primary Care Network and at times to the public. As well as offering opportunities for members and partners to provide feedback and communications back to the organization.

To create a Health Emergency Management structure outlining how the CIRD responds to crisis, participates local and regional incident command structures and support sharing tools to members to ensure clinics are as prepared as possible for emergencies.

To weave cultural safety and humility into our Division initiatives and our Primary Care Network through increasing members awareness, capacity, and knowledge through toolkits, training and site visits.

To measure and monitor the impact of the organisation’s work on achieving better and easier lives for members.

To continue to practice sound fiduciary responsibility and governance in all our Division initiatives.

To focus on training and development for the Division staff and physician leadership.

To maintain and continue to build upon our role as Pathways administrator for our Region’s profile.


  Our Strategic Areas of Focus.

Integration - The Division works to integrate current and new members into the medical community across different practice models and healthcare teams.

Support - The Division supports our current and future members with the tools they need to thrive in their clinical practice, in the business of family medicine, and as a valued member of our community.

Navigation - The Division is known as the trusted resource to navigate members across the local, regional and provincial system.

Advocacy - The Division practices advocacy on behalf of our membership in a responsible manner to appropriate channels with an effort to be heard, understood and collaborated with across multiple partners.

Annual Reports:

2022-2023 Annual Report video.