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Projects & Initiatives

Current Projects & Initiatives

Doctor Of the Day >

Doctor of the Day (DOD) is an initiative to provide medical care to Orphaned Patients - patients who do not have a General Practitioner or Family Physician or whose General Practitioner or Family Physician does not have hospital privileges - including admission to hospital and necessary care while in hospital.


Long Term Care Initiative >

The FPSC’s Long Term Care Initiative is designed to enable divisions to develop local solutions that improve the care of patients receiving residential care services.

Long Term Care Initiative

Patient Medical Home & Patient Care Network >

Patient Medical Homes (PMHs): optimized, high quality longitudinal services provided in the context of an going relationship between patients and providers.

Primary Care Networks (PCNs): comprising the relationship between medical homes and the larger health care system, particularly the extended primary care system.


Maternity Pathway Initiative >

Early Pregnancy Loss 

Prevention of Preterm Birth

Maternity Pathway Initiative

Pathways >

Pathways is a web based resource for the use of physicians, their staff/teams, and any other authorized health care providers in order to facilitate optimal, efficient specialist and clinic referrals.




Past Projects & Initiatives

Northern Gulf Islands Mental Health & Substance Use Project >

The Northern Gulf Islands & Gold River Mental Health and Substance Use (MHSU) Project is a Shared Care initiative to enhance MHSU care provided in the rural communities of Hornby, Denman, Quadra and Cortes Islands, and the village of Gold River.

Northern Gulf Islands Mental Health & Substance Use Project

Enhanced Recovery After Surgery – Shared Care Project

Our Enhanced Recovery Project, funded by Shared Care wrapped up in June 2018.  One of the tools developed for the project was the Enhanced Recovery After Surgery – Pre-Colorectal Surgery Passport. 

Following the passport trial and evaluation process, a final Pre-Surgical Passport resource tool was developed to be used by all physicians.  Final Evaluation Report, Referral Form, Pre-Surgical Passport and Final Report are available below.

ERAS Final Evaluation Report

ERAS Referral Form

ERAS Pre-Surgical Passport (Single Pages)

The following link needs to be printed as single pages in order to fold properly:

ERAS Pre-Surgical Passport (Folded Version)

ERAS Project Final Report

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Child and Youth Mental Health and Substance Use (CYMHSU)

Referral Helper


The Referral Helper is an online resource to support clinicians in discharge planning for children and youth who present to the Campbell River Emergency Department within 4 main referrals streams, as illustrated below.

It can also be used by other professionals needing information on resources and referral pathways to CR Community services and Aboriginal services, including island-wide resources.

CYMHSU Article