Campbell River and District Division of Family Practice

Patient Medical Home & Primary Care Network

Patient Medical Homes (PMHs): optimized, high quality longitudinal services provided in the context of an going relationship between patients and providers.

Primary Care Networks (PCNs): comprising the relationship between medical homes and the larger health care system, particularly the extended primary care system.

The FPSC goals are to:

  • Increase patient access to appropriate, comprehensive, quality primary health care for each community.
  • Improve support for patients, particularly vulnerable patients, through enhanced and simplified linkages between providers.
  • Contribute to a more effective, efficient and sustainable health care system that will increase capacity and meet future patient needs.
  • Retain and attract family doctors and teams working with them in healthy and vibrant work environments.

Primary Care Network (PCN) Implementation Guide and Toolkit Resources

Patient's Medical Home

Patient's Medical Home - Implementation Kit.  The Kit contains some simple steps that help support family physicians and their teams in providing coordinated, comprehensive and accessible care to their patients. It also contains a wealth of websites and online publications.  Download your copy of the Implementation Toolkit