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Creating a shared vision for healthcare in the Thompson Region. 

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The Family Practice Development Fund provides one-time practice enhancement or start-up funding on a grant basis. The Fund is one of a mix of strategies to develop practice capacity to attract and hold family physicians in the Thompson Region. 

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Pathways is an online resource for family physicians and their office staff to quickly access current and accurate referral information for specialists and speciality clinics including wait times and areas of expertise. 

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Did you know? 

  • Pathways includes province-wide data from more than 3,700 specialists, 900 clinics, 1,400 resources, and 1,500 referral forms

  • 47 GPs and 60 specialists are currently registered in the Thompson Region



UpToDate is an award-winning online clinical decision support resource, available to Divisions of Family Practice members for use in individual practices at no cost to the individual physician. 

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Did you know? 

  • Access to more than 10,500 clinical topics covering 23 medical specialities
  • More than 1.3 million clinicians in 187 countries use UpToDate

Standardized ICD-9 Coding Reference Sheet

All claims submitted by physicians to the Medical Services Plan (MSP) must include a diagnostic code. The diagnostic codes used by MSP are based on the ninth revision of the International Classification of Diseases developed by the World Health Organization, commonly referred to as ICD-9. This Reference Sheet contains the ICD-9 Chronic Disease Management Codes to promote standardized coding in your practice and assist with your billing. Please refer to the Government of BC's website for more information.


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