Cowichan Valley Division of Family Practice

Patient Attachment

As one of three A GP for Me prototype communities, the Cowichan Division of Family Practice has been actively attaching patients since 2011. Having carried out extensive research and community engagement, CVDFP ultimately reached the conclusion that, under current funding levels, the most effective means of attaching patients was to build attachment mechanisms into the majority of new initiatives and to expand upon existing programs and resources to maximize patient attachment opportunities.  

Programs that have attached patients to-date include: the Cowichan Maternity Clinic, the Family Practice Hospital Support Program, the ER referral program, the Locum Coordinator Program, the Recruitment and Retention Program, and individual clinical supports, implemented in response to a specific need. Between October 2011 and March 2017, CVDFP had facilitated the attachment of more than 6,700 patients.​