Cowichan Valley Division of Family Practice

Family Practice Hospital Support

The Family Practice Hospital Support Program (FPHSP) was developed by CVDFP in 2010 to provide support to family physicians who provide hospital care to unattached patients.  Under the FPHSP program, unattached patients admitted to hospital are assigned to a participating GP, in accordance with a rotating roster of participating physicians.  

The Hospital Support Program also facilitates the attachment of those patients who are truly unattached (meaning that they have no family doctor)--a number that equates to approximately 12% of all FPHSP patients.  On average, about 4 patients per month are attached, or 43% of those in need of a doctor.  Other patients seen through the FPSHP are those whose GP has no hospital privileges, and those with an out-of-town GP.

Under the FPHSP program, CVDFP has assumed responsibility for administering two elements of the Ministry of Health’s inpatient care funding model - the unassigned inpatient care fee and quarterly network incentive.  

In 2014, CVDFP saw 79% of its full service family physician members providing inpatient care at Cowichan District Hospital, with 53% of those participating in the FPHSP program.  In 2013/14, the FPHSP program provided care for an average of 106 patients per month.