Thompson Region Division of Family Practice

Highlights from the 2018 AGM

Our 8th Annual General Meeting was held on September 17 at the newly renovated Division office with 62 attendees. We are pleased to welcome Dr. Cornel Barnard to the Board of Directors. 

In attendance were 28 General Members, 9 Associate Members, plus families, guests, and staff.

Your Chair, Dr. Graham Dodd, presented the Chair's Report and summary of achievements for the last year. We were joined by auditor Norm Daley for the audited financial statements. We also approved the special resolution to replace the Division's bylaws to comply with the new Societies Act.

We are pleased to welcome Dr. Cornel Barnard to your Board of Directors. He will join Dr. Graham Dodd, Dr. Peter Loland, Dr. Ben Anders, and Dr. Krista Bradley in forming the Board. 

Previous Directors Dr. Chip Bantock, Dr. Lennard Pretorius, Dr. Servaas Swart, Dr. Harpreet Kelly, and Natalie Manhard will comprise the new Health Leadership Committee. If you are interested in learning more about the HLC please contact Monique Walsh