Thompson Region Division of Family Practice

BC Influenza Sentinel Practitioner Surveillance Network

The sentinel influence surveillance network was established in 1977. Dedicated physicians and nurses across BC help monitor the arrival, spread, and healthcare impact of influenza. The BC Centre for Disease Control is seeking physicians to join the network. 

The Canadian SPSN is the only network in Canada to monitor how well the annually-revised influenza vaccine provides protection using community-based physicians in four provinces of Canada, including BC. Each year, findings are shared with provincial and national  expert committees to inform public health response and recommendations and contribute to the WHO bi-annual vaccine strain selection for northern and southern hemispheres.

The CDC is continuously looking to grow ​their BC sentinel network and recruit new family physicians to participate in vaccine effectiveness monitoring  throughout the flu season. By including more physicians in our network ​they are able to increase the power of ​their analyses and improve ​their understanding of vaccine protection, ultimately improving the health of millions of vaccine recipients each year. 

Please visit the BCCDA's website for more information or to join the Canadian Influenza Sentinel Practitioner Surveillance Network.