South Okanagan Similkameen Division of Family Practice

COVID-19 news stories

Please read the following stories that have appeared in local media about accessing primary care during the COVID-19 outbreak.

June 29/30 2020: Thank you to community for Outdoor Assessment Centre support

  1. Penticton Western: Division of Family Practice expresses thanks 
  2. Penticton Herald: Letter of the Day Assessment Centre sends its thanks

May 17 2020: Outdoor Assessment Centre seeing more patients

  1. Castanet Penticton: Outdoor Assessment Centre seeing more patients

May 15 2020: New Virtual Care Directory, and reminder for patients to visit their family doctor

  1. Castanet Penticton: Family Doctor: Don't wait
  2. Penticton Western: Resources available to see your family doctor
  3. Oliver Chronicle: Don't put off visiting your family doctor

May 06 2020: Mask donations from school in China

  1. Global TV and Print story: Okanagan connection leads to mask donations
  2. Penticton Western: From China with Love: Highschool ships masks to the Okanagan

April 29 2020: Accessing primary care in Oliver and Osoyoos

  1. Penticton Western: Accessing Care in Oliver and Osoyoos

April 23 2020: Assessment Centre still operating as primary care centre, set up for testing

  1. Penticton Western McLaren set up for testing
  2. Castanet: Centre to accommodate testing
  3. Global News Penticton Arena set up for testing

April 17 2020: Accessing care in Keremeos

  1. Keremeos Review: How Keremeos residents can access health care during COVID-19

April 15 2020: SOS Division and community make reusable gowns

  1. Castanet: Gowns for frontliners

April 7 2020: PPE Donations follow-up

  1. Castanet: Local store pulls overpriced medical masks, decides to donate to SOS Division

April 7 2020: Summerland Afterhours Care still open

  1. Summerland Review: Appointments available at Summerland after hours clinic

April 6 2020: How to access care in Princeton

  1. Similkameen Spotlight: How to access care in Princeton

April 3 2020: Health care workers adapt in crisis

  1. Penticton Herald: Health care workers adapt in crisis

March 31 2020: Outdoor Assessment Centre in action

  1. Global TV: How to receive care at the outdoor assessment centre
  2. Global TV: Extended interview with Dr. Greg Selinger

March 27 2020: Outdoor Assessment Centre opening

  1. Castanet: Penticton launches new outdoor assessment centre
  2. Penticton Western News: New outdoor assessment centre for in-person medical care coming to Penticton
  3. Herald: Assessment Centre launches in Penticton
  4. Global TV print edition: Assessment Centre set to open in Penticton

March 26 2020: Calls for PPE Donationas

  1. Castanet: Call for masks, gloves
  2. Penticton Western News: South Okanagan Community physicians seeking PPE donations
  3. Penticton Herald: Call for donations

March 24 2020: Call ahead to doctor's offices for appointments

  1. Penticton Herald: Don't just show up at Doctor's Office
  2. Penticton Western News: A message on COVID-19 from South Okanagan Doctors
  3. Castanet: Don’t Show up at Clinics
  4. Oliver Chronicle: Doctors helping people stay home and stay safe