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Wrap Around Community Care for Rural Seniors


Signs of frailty in older adults and caregiver burnout is often identified too late. Our goal is to educate the community on the importance of identifying early signs of frailty and burnout –because with appropriate interventions it can be delayed or reversed. Collaboration across sectors as well as having a community approach, to supporting our friends/families/neighbours, is key to help minimize, delay, or prevent frailty.

Let's all help link individuals to suitable resources by utilizing the caregiver and frailty cards (as not everyone will present to their doctors’ offices for assessment).

Frailty Card

Caregiver Card


Dementia Helpline


Alzheimer Society of B.C.
People affected by dementia may be feeling disconnected from support networks. Critical remote support and education is available:

  • First Link Dementia Helpline extended hours: 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. Practical strategies and options, including for behavioral and communication challenges relevant now.
  • Webinars now held weekly: register for an upcoming session or view recordings.
  • Newsletters and bulletins

Information about dementia and how to manage it, including resources related to COVID-19:


Virtual Care Directory

Search to find out:

  • which providers are accepting new patients
  • how to connect with your doctor by phone or video

Read our press release HERE.

Pathways Virtual Care Graphic

Reducing Overdose Deaths


Lifeguard App -- for BC's Other Hidden State of Emergency
Help prevent overdose deaths by sharing the news of a new digital tool. The app is free to download, free to use and can help save lives.

The app is activated by the user before they take their dose. After 50 seconds the app will sound an alarm & unless turned off, after 75 seconds a text-to-voice call will go straight to 9-1-1, alerting emergency medical dispatchers of a potential overdose.

The Lifeguard App is now being added to the list of essential health and social sector interventions as part of the Overdose Emergency Response Centre’s comprehensive response to the sustained and widespread overdose activity in BC.

Click to watch short 4 minute video or learn more at the BC Health Services website.

VCH Offers Free Mental Health Program

Vancouver Coastal Health (VCH) has launched an online free mental health program called Kelty's Key. The program is for people with mild to moderate mental health concerns, including: anxiety, depression, insomnia, substance use issues, and others. Sign-up directly or be referred through a health care provider. You will be connected to an online therapist for a 6-8 week guided, secure online therapy (OLT) session. Self-help modules are also available at  

More info: Contact Andrew Reyes, or call Kelty’s Key Central Line at 604-875-4111 ext. 23614.

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FETCH qathet

fetch-powell-river-logo.pngFor Everything That's Community Health


Fetch connects Powell River and qathet to many of the health care services that are available all around our city and our province!

FETCH - For Everything That is Community Health

For any of your healthcare needs, come take a look at Fetch HERE!

7 Numbers for Seniors

This is a helpful tool for all residents of Powell River and qathet to help keep all of their important numbers in one place! Print off and fill out this easy to use guide for your house below!

7 Numbers for Seniors

Using your Emergency Room Wisely

This is a very useful poster to help our residents use the wonderful health care in our town most effectively! It lays out different resources and what they should be used for, as well as phone numbers for help lines. Get your copy below!

Health Care Resource Map

Chronic Pain Resources

If you suffer from Chronic Pain, or know someone who does, these resources should help you gain a better understanding of this complex issue that millions of people suffer from. Find local and online resources below. 


Docs4You{th} was developed for youth in our community! If you do not have a family doctor, or want to change your current doctor for any reason, just fill out the form below!


Online form available here! Docs4Youth Online Form

Palliative Care Resources

A collection of resources, videos and conversations to consider stemming from our recent project to improve all areas of palliative care in our community.

All Care Support brochure
It is all about life. Information about palliative care and its benefits.

Planning for Care brochure

Talking about your illness with loved ones and caregivers

Discussing your future with your family doctor or nurse practitioner

Services for qathet Cancer Patients brochure