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Divisions of Family Practice are community-based groups of family physicians working together to achieve common health care goals. Divisions work collaboratively with community and health care partners to enhance local patient care and improve professional satisfaction for physicians.
Beginning in 2009 in three prototype communities, the Divisions of Family Practice initiative has expanded to include 35 divisions representing more than 230 communities, including a division that targets physicians in remote and rural areas of the province. The Divisions of Family Practice initiative is funded by the General Practice Service Committee (GPSC), one of four joint committees that represent a partnership of the provincial government and Doctors of BC.
The Powell River Division of Family Practice (PRDoFP) was founded on December 24, 2010. In 2015, the membership was expanded to physician specialists and nurse practitioners.
A healthy and resilient community
Create opportunities for our healthcare providers to improve patient care


Transparency: We build trust and respect through a culture of openness and accountability
Continuous improvement: We are committed to getting better every day in all we do
Collaboration: We engage with our partners to co-create and achieve a collective vision
Excellence: We strive for excellence in everything we do

Palliative care steering committee meeting.

Participants in local CME session.

Physician panel at Pearl Fest.

Powell River is the Pearl of the Sunshine Coast

To quote a bumper sticker issued by Tourism "Two ferries can't be wrong".

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Powell River Division of Family Practice
Mailing address: PO Box 36, Powell River, V8A 4Z5
Street Address: 4760 Joyce Avenue, Powell River, BC

Telephone: 604-485-4700

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