Sea to Sky Division of Family Practice

Diamond Head Medical Physicians

To access this service, please follow the following steps-:

1. Visit this link to ensure your device is compatible and you are set up for a successful Telehealth appointment.

2. Please read, sign and submit this consent form (you will only need to do this the first time)

3. After you have signed the consent form, you may call our clinic and ask to book a Telehealth appointment.

4. Log-in to the relevant link below for the Physician or Nurse Practitioner you have booked your appointment with 5 minutes before your scheduled appointment time. Please ensure you provide your full legal name. The appointment will start as soon as the provider is available.

Click below on your provider’s name to start your pre-booked Telehealth consultation:

Dr. K. Siemens  

Dr. J. Cranston  

Dr. K. Foulds