East Kootenay Divisions of Family Practice

Cranbrook Virtual Clinic

The Cranbrook Virtual Clinic, which operated as a temporary primary care service during COVID 19 has now closed.  

We want to thank all of the physicians in our community who supported the Virtual Clinic, which served over 2000 unattached patients over the past two years.

Patients may now seek care at the Cranbrook Urgent and Primary Care Centre located at the Baker Street Mall (next to Safeway) Unit 230, 1311 2nd St. The hours of operation are Monday to Friday from 9 am – 7 p.m. and 10 a.m. – 7 p.m. on statutory holidays.

Record Requests (for patients that accessed care with the virtual clinic): 

Until May 1 2022, patients may email ekmoa@ekdivision.ca and request their records be sent to their patient portal (Medeo). In your email please state your first and last name, and whether you already opened an account with Medeo through the Cranbrook Clinic before. 

Clinics, and other health facilities, may request records on behalf of the patient by faxing a signed patient release of information to (778) 570-0808. Patients can also download a release of information here to take with you to your GP's office or another clinic you are seeking care with to request your records or test results be transferred.  

Please note for privacy concerns we cannot send records or results to patient emails.