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Shared Care Chronic Pain

The Elk Valley Chronic Pain project was initiated in February 2019 by local physicians who were experiencing the same challenges as a number of other rural communities in British Columbia regarding chronic pain care.

The main expected outcome of the project was to develop a local patient centered pain management team working closely with primary care providers to increase the capacity of patients with mild to moderate chronic pain to better self-manage their pain.

The main achievement of the Elk Valley Chronic Pain Project is, without a doubt, the creation of the new Living Well with Persistent Pain program.

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Project Team


Expected Outcomes


Physician leads:
Dr. Todd Loewen
Dr. Joel Stimson


Project Lead: Charlie Sawatzky

  • Develop tools for self-management for patients with chronic pain.
  • Create a Network of professionals to support patients with chronic pain.
  • Facilitate Chronic Pain education opportunities for providers.
  • Living well with Persistent Pain program developed and integrated into the PCN.
  • Local workshops and conferences facilitated for patient and providers.



Selected to present at Quality Forum 2021

Chronic Pain Resources:

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