East Kootenay Divisions of Family Practice

Collaborative Services Committee (CSC)

Our CSC is where we, as a Division, meet with our health care partners, such as Interior Health (IH), Family Practice Services Committee (FPSC), and the Ministry of Health (MOH), to collaboratively develop solutions to challenges we face together. This group meets monthly and includes three or four EK Division members.

The Interdivisional Strategic Council (ISC) consists of the seven CSCs within the IH region, as well as representatives from the MOH, FPSC, IH Senior Executive Team, and the provincial Divisions' office. They have a monthly phone conference and meet quarterly to discuss common problems that may be solved at a higher level.

Current priorities are the development of Patient Medical Homes and Primary Care Homes across BC.



Megan Purcell

Executive Director
EK Division of Family Practice
250 426-4890