East Kootenay Divisions of Family Practice

Regional Networks & Initiatives



East Kootenay Primary Care Network

The East Kootenay Primary Care Network (EK PCN) is working to improve the health of the population through timely access to comprehensive, person-centred, team-based care that is equitable and culturally safe. Learn more about how the EK PCN and family physicians are working together to ensure all East Kootenay residents have a home base for their everyday health care needs.

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Shared Care

Shared Care projects improve patient care and health outcomes. Projects bring together family physicians, specialists, and other medical and non-medical professionals. Together, these partners identify and address interdisciplinary issues affecting a patient's shared care.

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Other Regional Initiatives:

The EK Division gives family physicians the opportunity to drive the change they want to see. We have a broad range of regional networks, projects and system change initiatives that physicians have led through the Division in the last three years. Here are some highlights:

  • Engaging with physician wellness supports (Professional Resiliency Workshops and Flourishing Physicians Peer Support)
  • Increasing physician recruitment supports and services (e.g., locum travel supports)
  • EK MOA Network expansion and partnership with the Practice Support Program
  • Interprofessional development – training for clinic staff
  • Virtual care supports
  • Long Term Care Initiative
  • Maternity care initiatives
  • Ongoing recruitment of new physicians to the region
  • Leadership opportunities for physicians on committees and projects
  • Cultural safety training for PCN providers