Central Interior Rural Division of Family Practice


The Central Interior Rural Division of Family Practice drives improvement in healthy outcomes in our communities and supports our care giving members in their well-being and practice. 

Vision 2023

Everyone in the communities within our region will be able to access the quality and level of care they need, when they need it.  Information about their health will be easily available to them, and to their care providers when it is beneficial and appropriate.  No matter who they receive care from, they’ll be confident that the care is the best available, and that is informed by the other care they have received across the community. 

CIRD Members will deliver the scope of care and services that fits within the community needs and their own professional aspirations and preferred business model.  Administrative tasks they undertake will support their practice and leadership within the health community and will reflect their interest and expertise.  Working effectively with other care providers in and/or outside of their clinics, they’ll be able to ensure that their patients receive timely care, and that receiving that care does not always rely on their patients seeing them.  They’ll be fully informed of the care their patients receive from others.  Through this distribution of care and administrative support across teams and networks, physicians will gain more time to spend with their patients, and more time for life outside of their practice. 



Patient Centred Care



Evidence based decision making