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Tools for Members Daily Clinical Practice.



Use UpToDate for the best evidence & clinical decisions guidance. A division website user name and password is required. Join now!

UpToDate is an award-winning online clinical decision support resource, available to Divisions of Family Practice members for use in individual practices at no cost to the individual physician. Visit your local Division website to become a division member and access more than 10,000 peer-reviewed topics in 21 specialties from international and Canadian authors, as well as drug information, medical calculators, and patient information sheets. All UpToDate topic searches are CME eligible for registered users.  

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Use pathways for streamlined access to specialist info, clinical resources, & patient info. Need an access key? Contact cird@pathwaysbc.ca.

Pathways is an online resource that provides primary care providers and their office staff quick access to current and accurate referral information, including wait times and areas of expertise for specialists and speciality clinics. Pathways also provides access to hundreds of patient and physician resources, including care pathways, decision aids, calculators, diagnostic tools, and more. 

Who can use pathways? 

Pathways is available for use by all physicians in BC and their teams, nurse practitioners, Primary Care Network (PCN) team members, health authority clinic managers and staff. Different levels of access are available based on an individual's role and whether they are directly involved in making patient referrals.

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 EMR Management Tools.

Use your EMR more effectively with tools from the Doctors of BC Technology Office.

Electronic Medical Record (EMR) systems can be challenging to navigate.  Doctors of BC Technology Office in partnership with FPSC's Practice Support Program have developed tools to support physicians and their clinic staff with choosing an EMR, EMR optimization, switching EMRs, to eventually retiring or closing their practice.  

Get Started. Your EMR is a key tool for your practice. Learn how to get started using the basic functions of your EMR, including orientation videos, tip sheets for quick reference and more for Accuro, Profile, Med Access, and Oscar EMR systems.

Optimize your EMR. Learn how to use your EMR more effectively and leverage tools and supports to help simplify workflows and improve proficiency, including encounter, attachment and shift reporting EMR orientation guidelines.  

Migrate your EMR data.  Data migrations can be complex and challenging.  DTO can help guide you through the process, including how to prepare your EMR data and avoid common issues.  

Store your EMR records. If you are closing your practice or retiring, you'll need to think about what to do with your paper and/or electronic medical records. Find tips for ensuring a smooth transition and learn more about MedRecords, a service for digital storage of records.  

Import forms from Pathways into your EMR. ALL forms, available on Pathways.  


 Tools for Better Billing.

Simplify your billing with these resources:

BC Family Doctors Simplified Fee Guide (membership required).

FPSC's billing and incentive fees guide available to eligible BC family physicians. For billing inquires, please email fpsc.billing@doctorsofbc.ca.

Doctors of BC Fee Guide for current services insured by MSP and recommendations for private fees for non-MSP insured services (membership required). 

MoH resources: MSC Payment Schedule is a list of fees by the Medical Services Commission payable to physicians for insured medical services provided to patients enrolled with MSP. MSP Practitioner & Professional Resources for services and information topics. MSP Diagnostic Code Descriptions (ICD-9) for claim submission. 

WorkSafeBC & ICBC Information, including registration and quarterly updates.

BC Medical Journal's regular column Billing Tips provides information on the most common billing errors discovered during practice reviews and audits.  


 Tools for Better Prescribing.

Bugs & Drugs is a comprehensive guide to antimicrobial therapy and contains evidence-based, peer-reviewed, and antibiogram-directed guidelines and treatment recommendations that is updated continuously.  For offline use as an app (iOS and Android).  

UBC's Therapeutics Initiative aims to provide healthcare providers with up-to-date, independent, evidenced-based, practical information on drug therapies. 


 Tools for Real-Time Virtual Consultative Supports. 

RACE (Rapid Access to Consultative Expertise) connects primary care doctors and nurse practitioners to specialist colleagues for urgent advice within 2 hours.  RACE is available Monday - Friday from 0800-1700. Place an online request using the RACEapp+ (desktopiOS or Android) or call 1-877-696-2131. 

RCCbc Real-Time Virtual Supports connect rural providers with peers virtually for clinical support with urgent and non-urgent cases, including case consultations, second opinions, and more. 

  • 'Instant Access Pathways' for critical care, emergencies, maternity and newborn and pediatrics are available 24-hours-a-day, seven-days-a-week.
  • 'Quick Reply Pathways' for specialities including dermatology, hematology, myofascial pain, rheumatology and thrombosis are available weekdays from 0900 to late afternoon, and mostly operate on a call-back basis. 
  • Rural healthcare providers need a Zoom account or a telephone line to connect with RTVS providers. Don't have a Zoom account? Request a Zoom account from RCCbc

 CIRD Primary Care Network Toolkit.

Find referral information for the PCN Hub, including clinician role descriptions, processes and referral form.