Practicing Family Physician Group Contract Resource Library

Information on this page is specific to the Vancouver Island Health Region. Find everything you need to know to apply for and complete a group contract, fulfill reporting expectations during the contract, and operationalize your clinic to support contract requirements.

Please note that documents are subject to change at the discretion of each authoring organization and may vary over time. Although we do our best to keep the most up-to-date versions, individual documents may not be the most current. Please check directly with each authoring body for any questions/concerns.

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The Group Contract for Practicing Full-service Family Physicians is a new hours-based contract for a group of at least three family physicians with established patient panels, who work together to provide community longitudinal care. It provides choice for family physicians who want to move away from Fee-For-Service (FFS) and practice in a different way.

It is also available to individual physicians who are not in the same clinic but are in the same Primary Care Network (PCN) and are prepared to work together as a group to provide the services and patient access required under the contract.

The contract is not available to physicians in solo practice.

Eligibility and Commitments

  • A minimum of three family physicians is required.
  • Each physician under contract must have an established panel.
  • All physicians must all participate in an existing PCN or commit to actively support the development of a PCN in the community.
  • All physicians must agree to provide community longitudinal primary care services aligned with the principles of a Patient Medical Home.
  • All physicians under the contract must participate in the FPSC’s Quality Improvement (QI) initiatives, including panel management and use of the Patient Experience Tool.
  • Full time physicians are expected to work 1,680 hours per year, and each physician under contract must commit to working a minimum of half time (i.e., 840 hours per year).

Before You Get Started

Completing the Contract

Reporting During the Contract

Quarterly Timesheet (for Island Health)

MSP Reporting



Clinic Operations

  • The Clinic Operations Guide: Overview of all relevant operational information for clinics on contract, including:
    • EOIs
    • Payment
    • Reporting
    • Quality Improvement
    • Notification of new or departing physicians

EMR Resources

Encounter, Attachment and Shift Reporting EMR Orientation Guides

Patient Attachment Forms