Ridge Meadows Division of Family Practice

Patient Medical Home

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The Patient Medical Home direction is to focus on engaging physicians on the development of physician networks to meet their patient panel needs in a collaborative team based fashion. 

The Ridge Meadows Division of Family Practice are working with Physicians, Health Authorities Partners and Community Stakeholders to develop the physician network service plan for our community. From increasing patient access to quality primary health care, to improving and simplifying support for vulnerable patients, to contributing to a sustainable health care system to meeting future patients needs, to retaining and attracting family physicians and teams to work together. 
The division has a strong partnership with our Health Authority, community stakeholders at large and we are committed to improving patient care through a patient medical home, patient centered, primary care home lens. 

Click here to learn more about the Patient Medical Home, and the work that is going on across the province in alignment with this model, content here.