Ridge Meadows Division of Family Practice

Chronic Pain Management and Opioid Dependency


Project Objectives:

  • Strengthen the ability of family physicians to provide care to patients through education around the College prescribing standards, improving patient - physician attachment and developing standard of care protocols.
  • Identify services available in the community and improve awareness and access to the services.
  • Develop collaborative care approach to improve communication and referrals to addictions specialists and pain support services.
  • Provide pain management support and education for patients and providers to help patients manage pain more effectively.

Intended Outcomes:

  • Coordinated approach to care that involves collaboration among GP’s SP’s, addictions services, patients/families, physio and mental health services.
  • Improved awareness and access to addiction services and chronic pain management.
  • Safe prescribing practices.
  • Comfort/GP confidence in supporting patients struggling with addictions.
  • Appropriate use of hospital services; reduced ER visits.
  • Patients and families feel supported and have a stronger relationship with their GP.
  • Reduction in patients seeking street narcotics to deal with pain.
  • Patients and physicians are educated in pain management and have access to tools and resources.