Ridge Meadows Division of Family Practice

Adult Mental Health


Project Objectives:

  • Establish an inventory of local mental health services and tools and promote to physicians and community members.
  • Conduct a system and patient mapping exercise to identify barriers and gaps. Develop plan to address gaps/remove barriers.Create a collaborative care model based on learnings from the Youth Wellness Centre model.
  • Develop communication timeline targets and protocols to improve communication loop back from referrals.
  • Provide physicians with tools and education to support and transition patients when appropriate.
  • Explore innovative strategies to enhance service delivery as well as, utilize existing resources ie. Advocate for a Rapid Access Clinic, implement group medical visits, use of RACE, Psychiatrist/counsellor in GP clinics, Adult Wellness Centre, etc.

Intended Outcomes:

  • Appropriate and timely access to psychiatric services.
  • Patients and GPs accessing services locally ( not referring outside community)
  • Patients and GPs are aware and accessing local mental health services.
  • Patient Medical Home model where patients receive timely coordinated patient care, appropriate transitions and improved communication among all providers.
  • Inventory and easy access to services in our community of adult mental health support
  • Physicians and Specialists feel satisfaction and confidence with referrals.
  • Patients and families feel supported and satisfied with their care.
  • Early intervention to prevent more severe mental health issues
  • Barriers to accessing services are reduced.
  • Collaborative partnership between GPs and SP/Counsellors providing care in GP clinic.
  • Mental Health Navigator to assist patients to access supports.
  • Rapid Access clinic for the community or Adult Wellness Centre.
  • Physicians feel confident and have knowledge about how to assist mental health patients.