Physician Leads

Our Division has many projects on the go. We would like to highlight the following physicians for taking time to provide a physician voice on the various committees and working groups we work on.

Acute Discharge Shared Care: Drs. Jennifer Yun and Joseph Ip

Adult Mental Health & Substance Use Shared Care: Drs. Carllin Man, Stephanie Aung, Angelo Wijeyesinghe and Stephen Ogunremi 

Chronic Pain Shared Care: Drs. Huy Nguyen and Alyssa Hodgson

Chronic Pain Working Group: Dr. Huy Nguyen

Communications Committee: Drs. Paras Mehta, Herbert Chang, John de Couto, and Kathy Jones

Collaborative Service Committee (CSC): Drs. Stephanie Aung, Paras Mehta, and Jennifer Yun

Evaluation Program: Dr. Vincent Wong

Geriatric Psychiatry Shared Care: Drs. Carllin Man and Simon Woo

Health Data Collaborative (HDC): Dr. Paras Mehta

Information Management Information Technology (IMIT): Dr. Johnny Lee

Long-Term Care Initiative (LTCI): Dr. Amber Jarvie and Dr. Lalji Halai

Local Department Head: Dr. Akbar Javer

Maternity Shared Care: Drs. Dayna Mudie, Aude Beauchamp, and Dina Davidson

Older Adult Shared Care: Drs. Kathy Kiani and Simon Woo

PCN/PMH Advisory Committee: Dr. Paras Mehta

Palliative Care Shared Care: Drs. Ali Sanei-Moghaddam, Cindy Lou, Wai Phan, Fify Soeyonggo, and Joan Eddy

Pathways: Dr. Herbert Chang

Practice Support Program (PSP): Dr. John Yap

Recruitment/Retention/Retirement Committee (RRRC): Dr. Gary Hayes

Specialized Community Services Programs (SCSP): Dr. Jennifer Yun

Urgent & Primary Care Centre (UPCC): Dr. Nimeera Kassam

Women's Health Shared Care: Drs. Sara Houlihan and Sanja Matic

2020/2021 Committees and Working Groups

Collaborative services committee

Dr. Stephanie Aung

Dr. Jennifer Yun

Dr. Paras Mehta

Dr. Kathy Jones

Dr. Gina Zheng

Scott Brolin, FHA

Sheila Finamore, FHA

Kathy Chounior, FHA

Dr. Ingrid Tyler, FHA

Dr. Aamir Bharmal, FHA

Cindy Convey, FHA

Dr. Steve Reynolds, FHA

Dr. Julia Morley, FHA

Dr Mitchell Fagan, FPSC

Natasha Randhawa

Zamina Lalji, FNHA


Long-term care initiative Medical Advisory committee

Dr. Amber Jarvie - Physician Lead

Dr. Lalji Halai - Physician Lead 

Dr. Abhineet Garg

Dr. Ali Sanei-Moghaddam

Dr. Ana Pesantez

Dr. Andrew Cheong

Dr. Anthony Tran

Dr. Ashvin Punnyamurthi

Dr. Azim Ladhani

Dr. Behzad Ansari

Dr. Carllin Man

Dr. Doug Moseley

Dr. Eileen Fan

Dr. Gene d’Archangelo

Dr. Gina Zheng

Dr. Graham Burns

Dr. Gregory McAnulty

Dr. Hortensia Shortt

Dr. John Yap

Dr. Juliyana Romey

Dr. Kasia Baker

Dr. Kathy Kiani

Dr. Katie Gates

Dr. Kaveesh Dissanayake

Dr. Laura Ziefflie

Dr. Mahsa Mackie

Dr. Majid Jafari

Dr. Mina Peres Flores

Dr. Nahla Fahmy

Dr. Nick Petropolis

Dr. Nimeera Kassam

Dr. Ramesh Avinashi

Dr. Sanaz Gharedaghi

Dr. Teresa Tan


PCN Steering Committee

Voting Members:

Dr. Paras Mehta, Physician Lead

Kathleen Chouinor, FHA

Deborah Martelluzzi, KFN

Non-Voting Members:

Dr. Gina Zheng

Dr. Jennifer Yun

Dr. Stephanie Aung

Dr. Mitch Fagan, FPSC

Claire Maclean, Share 

Eunice Cho, FHA

James Musgrave, Share

Kristine Byer, FHA

Mangat Vohra

Ross Howell, FHA

Scott Brolin, FHA

Sheila Finamore, FHA


PCN/PMH Advisory Committee

Dr. Paras Mehta, Physician Lead

Dr. Anna Chodyra

Dr. Carllin Man

Dr. Cathy Clelland

Dr. Christine Sorial

Dr. Herb Chang

Dr. Jennifer Yun

Dr. Mahsa Mackie

Dr. Tarek Khalil

Dr. Vincent Wong

Chelsea Bruce


Maternity Shared Care

Dr. Dayna Mudie, Physician Lead

Dr. Aude Beauchamp, Specialist Lead

Dina Davidson, Registered Midwife Lead

Dr. Cathy Clelland

Dr. Grover Wong

Dr. Kathy Jones

Dr. Miroslav Stavel

Abby Mikkelson

Cheryl Britton

Jessica Marcelino

Lisa Valladares

Susan Foster

Suzanne Wilson


Older Adult/Medically Complex Shared Care

Dr. Kathy Kiani, Physician Lead

Dr. Simon Woo, Specialist Lead

Dr. Belinda Rodis

Dr. Funmi Okonula

Dr. Hem Phaterpekar

Dr. Liliana Cioata

Dr. Mamta Mian

Dr. Nishi Varshney

Dr. Peter O’Connor

Dr. Tracy Monk

Dr. Wendy Lin

Debbie Halyk

Susan Prosser


Mental health and substance use Shared Care

Dr. Carlin Man, Physician Lead

Dr. Stephen Ogunremi, Specialist Lead

Dr. Angelo Wijeyesinghe, Specialist Lead

Dr. Asmaa Abdalla

Dr. Gina Zheng

Dr. Gunpreet Singh

Dr. Janel Casey

Dr. Nahla Fahmy

Dr. Stephanie Aung

Dr. Steven Barron

Annie Liao

Chelsea Bruce

Debbie Halyk

Ruphina Muir 

Veronica Freeman


Chronic Pain Shared Care

Dr. Huy Nguyen, Physician Lead

Dr. Alyssa Hodgson, Specialist Lead

Dr. Aaron MacInnes

Dr. Janel Casey

Dr John Koehn

Dr. Lalji Halai

Dr. Martha Koehn

Dr. Nazila Soltani

Dr. Ramak Shadmani

Dr. Stephen Barron

Brenda Poulton

Wendy Magnusson


Acute discharge Shared Care

Dr. Jennifer Yun, Physician Lead

Dr. Joseph Ip, Specialist Lead

Dr. Ali Abdalvand

Dr. Cori Gabana

Dr. Doug Brown

Dr. Jon Braunstein

Dr. Josh Koczerginsk

Dr. Mahsa Mackie

Dr. Meghan Ho

Dr. Nimeera Kassam

Dr. Vincent Wong

Vesna Ivkov


Palliative shared care 

Dr. Ali Sanei-Moghaddam, Physician Lead

Dr. Cindy Lou, Palliative Physician Lead

Dr. Wai Phan, Palliative Physician Lead

Dr. Fify Soeyonggo, Palliative Physician Lead

Dr. Joan Eddy, Palliative Physician Lead

Dr. Cristina Liciu

Dr. Mina Perez Flores

Bella Wang

Joanne Hum

Shelley Briggs


Geriatric psychiatry shared care

Dr. Carlin Man, Physician Lead

Dr. Simon Woo, Specialist Lead

Dr. Ashvin Pyunnamurthi

Dr. Fahreen Dossa

Dr. Hortensia Shortt

Dr. Ian Woods

Dr. Kathy Kiani

Dr. Mahsa Mackie

Dr. Sang Ko

Dr. Sue Rajabali

Dr. Tracy Monk

Debbi Halyk


Women’s health shared care

Dr. Sanja Matic, Physician Lead

Dr. Sara Houlihan, Specialist Lead

Dr. Doug Waterman

Dr. Kathy Jones


Cancer Care

Dr. Cathy Clelland, Physician Lead

Dr. Michelle Goecke, Specialist Lead

Dr. Fahreen Dossa

Dr. Jennifer Dolden

Dr. Jennifer Yun

Dr. Stephanie Aung

Dr. Reza Algehnbanan

Johnnie Kuo

Laurier Nobert

Lucy Shorthouse
Scott Brolin

Wendy Magnusson


Pulmonary Rehab

Dr. John Yap, Physician Lead

Dr. Samir Malhotra, Specialist Lead


Practice improvement committee

Dr. Ian Woods, Physician Lead

Dr. Cristina Liciu

Dr. Kiet Do

Dr. Majid Jafari

Dr. Richie-Ann Rodriguez


Communications committee

Dr. Herb Chang

Dr. John De Couto

Dr. Kathy Jones

Dr. Paras Mehta


Recruitment, retention and retirement committee

Dr. Gary Hayes, Physician Lead

Dr. Anna Chodyra

Dr. Chris Chan

Dr. Jennifer Yun

Dr. Lalji Halai 

Dr. Nahla Fahmy 

Dr. Patrick Leung

Dr. Vincent Wong

Dr. William Mak


FNW Influenza Vaccination Community Clinics

Dr. Kathleen Ross, Physician Lead

Dr. Allyson Cowie

Dr. Amber Jarvie

Dr. Amyna Fidai

Dr. Anne Brumwell

Dr. Anne Buie

Dr. Clara Hong

Dr. Curtis Manning

Dr. David Warner

Dr. Gina Zheng

Dr. Jemima Wasswa-Kintu

Dr. Jennifer Yun

Dr. Kikelomo Akinbobola

Dr. Patricia Gabriel

Dr. Peter Harn

Dr. Rachel Loebach

Dr. Sandra Hosseini

Dr. Sharon Barton

Dr. Shawn Ziai

Dr. Shilpa Dabholkar

Dr. Stephanie Rozbacher

Dr. Vincent Wong