South Island Division of Family Practice

A GP for Me


A GP for Me was a provincially funded initiative that was designed to increase primary health care access, enable patients to find a physician, strengthen patient-physician relationships and support the needs of vulnerable populations. A GP for Me was provincial in scope, yet initiatives were designed and implemented locally by the Divisions of Family Practice.

The A GP for Me project comprised an Assessment and Planning phase followed by an Implementation phase. During the Assessment and Planning phase, the SIDFP conducted an analysis of their regional capacity and limitations in regards to primary care and then used this information to develop an implementation proposal. This proposal was submitted to the FPSC for approval and funding for implementation was granted to the SIDFP in the fall of 2014.

To address these challenges, the SIDFP developed the following 5 core pillars/strategies (.PDF) as areas of focus for the Implementation phase of A GP for Me:

  1. New Models of Care – Primary Health Care Initiative
  2. Practice Efficiencies & Support
  3. Recruitment and Practice Coverage
  4. Attachment Mechanisms - Improved Access for Aboriginal Populations
  5. Health Promotion & Education

To achieve these goals, the SIDFP formed a Steering Committee comprised of family physicians and other health care partners to work with project staff to execute the implementation plan. A GP for Me implementation concluded on March 31, 2016 and this report provides an evaluation of the effectiveness of the 5 core strategies in meeting the objectives of the initiative.

GP for Me Results Summary

For access to the complete report, please contact the South Island Division of Family Practice office:

Retention & Recruitment >

To attract physicians/locums to either share or take-over practices in the South Island Division area.

Retention & Recruitment

Primary Health Care Centre >

To identify current deficiencies in Primary Care in the South Island Region and to develop a vision for very best practice model.

Primary Health Care Centre

Physician Health & Wellness >

Support physician health and work-life balance at the local level, for physicians and their families.  To support healthy living in their work and relationships. Increase awareness of existing resources and how to access them – and supplement them as/where needed.

Physician Health & Wellness