South Island Division of Family Practice

SIDFP Programs

The South Island Division of Family Practice is committed to supporting physician-driven health system changes.  Physicians work in committees and working groups to analyze problems, connect with key partners and stakeholders, and plan locally-focused solutions.  The Division supports South Island Physicians to connect with one another and to share knowledge, increase collegiality, and encourage community action.

Primary Care Networks are the main initiative of Doctors of BC and BC Government that aims to create clinical networks of local primary care service providers in a geographical area.

Primary Care Networks

Physician Health & Wellness aims to provide social, physical, and psycho-emotional support to all members.

Physician Health & Wellness

The Victoria and South Island Divisions are working together to improve quality of care in residential care.

Residential Care Initiative

The Partners in Care program's goals are to encourage and support relationship building between family physicians and specialists.

Partners in Care

The Transitions in Care program originated by trying to improve communications between acute care and community GPs, and has grown into a major project involving GPs, Hospitalists, and ERPs.

Transitions in Care

The aim of the CYMHSU Collaborative is to increase the number of children, youth, and their families receiving timely access to integrated mental health and substance use services and supports throughout the province.

Child & Youth Mental Health and Substance Use

A GP for Me was a major new initiative of Doctors of BC and the BC Government that aims to help patients who want a family doctor find one, and to increase capacity in the primary health care system.

A GP for Me