South Island Division of Family Practice

Care Transitions

The Care Transitions, formerly known as Transitions in Care, is an initiative that has its' roots in the need to improve communications between acute and community care settings.

See here for updated information on the Care Transitions Program. 

Past Projects 


Saanich Peninsula TiC Project

The Saanich Peninsula TiC initiative brought together the South Island Division of Family Practice, physicians, the Saanich Peninsula Hospital, and the W’SANEC First Nation community to collaborate and create an effective, culturally safe journey for First Nation clients transitioning into and out of hospital. This innovative transitions plan was applicable for all hospitals and of benefited all Aboriginal people navigating the hospital system.

Key features of the Transitions in Care initiative included:

  • Physician-focused World Cafés
  • Community-driven events and workshops
  • Hospital focus and working groups
  • Community focus / working groups, feasts, and interactions
  • Cultural safety training and awareness for hospital staff

Journey Home Project

A unique, fully funded opportunity to join the Journey Home Project, which was an innovative reconciliation project, to embed cultural safety in our palliative care services for First Nation patients on the Saanich Peninsula.  Please see the attached full description.


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