Rural and Remote Division of Family Practice

Dr. Daniel Heffner - Physician Lead, Bella Bella

Originally from Calgary, Dr. Heffner made his way to BC to study pharmacy, which led him to pursue medicine at the University of British Columbia, graduating in 2013. He practiced as a hospitalist a LGH for 6 years. After working in Bella Bella as a locum in 2021 he decided to make the switch to rural GP and accepted a part-time position in Bella Bella starting April 2023. He loves the variety, challenge, and the fact that he’s always learning something new. His favourite thing to do is go fishing when he’s not working. “There is nothing quite like catching a Chinook on my kayak!"

In addition to Dan’s regular duties as a Family Practitioner in Bella Bella, he is also the designated physician lead for specialist services in Bella Bella.