Rural and Remote Division of Family Practice

Chibuikem Ofoegbu - Physician Lead, Clearwater & Board Member

Dr. Chibuikem Ofoegbu (Dr. Chi) is a family physician who was born and raised in Southeastern Nigeria. He earned his medical degree in 2007 from Nigeria.  He practiced in Nigeria for 7 years before he decided to move to North America. He was happy to be in Canada, however, just like many other international medical graduates, he passed through the difficult hurdles of obtaining a medical license to practice medicine in Canada. He had to go back to Nigeria for a while, and finally came back to Canada in 2019. On September 1, 2021, he moved to Clearwater, BC where he has been practicing full scope General practice. His resumption in Clearwater was rocky at the onset, as he was met with lots of patients who did not have any family physician to attend to their needs, he had to work lots of overtime (along with one other 1.0 FTE and 0.5 FTE physicians) for a community the used to have 5 FTE physicians.

Dr. Chi has passion for equitable healthcare, interested in preventive medicine, mental health, and women’s health. Currently, he is the physician lead for the Clearwater chapter of the Rural and remote division of family practice.  He enjoys living in small rural communities and has enjoyed the scenery that abounds in British Columbia.

He is happily married with 3 boys.  When not practicing medicine, he enjoys playing soccer which he had done all through his days while in Nigeria.