Rural and Remote Division of Family Practice

Jennifer Davidson - Chapter Coordinator, Ashcroft, Lillooet & Lytton

With over 20 years of experience in education, mental health care, and government, Jennifer brings a wealth of interconnected skills and sincere concern for her community's well-being, cultural diversity, and foundational infrastructures. Born and raised in Montreal, Quebec, Jen enjoyed both city and country life. She earned a degree in Liberal Arts and later pursued a BA in Psychology at Bishop's University, fueled by her curiosity about the human mind and its workings, from development to bio-chemical neuropsychology.

Most recently, Jen served as the Bylaw and Animal Control Officer for the District of Lillooet. She resigned from this role after five years to establish the Lillooet Animal Advocates Society (LAAS), focusing on animal welfare, grant writing, and policy development.

Jen continues to counsel clients involved in public health and safety, deeply respecting their sacrifices. She is dedicated to giving back to her community and supporting physicians in delivering high-quality care.

Outside of work and volunteering, Jen enjoys outdoor activities like backcountry skiing, paddle boarding, sailing, and gardening. Indoors, she finds joy in cooking, canning, sewing, and spending quality time with her son, his dog, and the cats.