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If you or someone you know is interested in a regular contract, please have them contact Cindy Aronson directly.

Bella Coola is now recruiting for part-time, minimum 0.5FTE positions. If you are interested in working in the community or have any questions, please contact Cindy Aronson for specific details.

For locum contracted physicians the REEF premium for working in the ER on call has been increased to $400.   The sites will also provide an additional $100 from REEF for RGPLP locums to match the REEF amount for locum contracted physicians as RGPLP Enhanced ER amount is $300.00.   

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Location Available Dates Contact
Bella Bella

Our team provides regular clinic, emergency and inpatient care under one roof to a primarily First Nations, Heiltsuk Nation community of approximately 1500 people.

Bella Bella is a beautiful island community off the central coast of BC, 690 km north of Vancouver, surrounded by a magical world of channels, inlets and old growth forest.

The hospital, overlooking the ocean, is in the center of this rural and remote community and is a focal point for community life in many ways. Working here will give you a real sense of the richness of aboriginal culture in it’s home environment.

Bella Bella - Our Health Care Services

The R.W. Large Memorial Hospital has 6 acute beds, 7 continuing care beds and a 3-bed emergency department open 24/7, along with a laboratory, diagnostic imaging services and telehealth services. Also within the hospital you’ll find a medical clinic, pharmacy and ambulance services.

Cindy Aronson
T .250.306.2276
F. 604.699.9708 

Bella Bella

There are multiple RGPLP [Rural General Practitioner Program of BC (Locums of BC)] requests for both sites throughout the year.  Please contact Cindy Aronson for specific dates.  All other dates are with a VCH locum contract.


Cindy Aronson
T .250.306.2276
F. 604.699.9708

Bella Coola

**Bella Coola will be short staffed from July 24 – August 13.**   

We are looking for providers with Emergency only or both Family Practice with FP Emergency to assist during this time frame.

We have approval from VCH to cover travel costs and the travel honorarium as per the RGPLP guidelines for locums assisting with the shortage during this time frame when under locum contract.  

VCH locum contract average day remuneration

Approximate Daily rate as per the breakdown : $1,717.31 (contract and FPE).  Mocap, REEF and After Hours Premium is in addition when providing ED on call coverage.

Locum contract:  This is an FTE/minimum hour contract, but breaks down basically to a daily rate of $1,361.00.  Paid the first week of the month following the locum.

Fee Premium Equivalent (FPE) incentive: 25.62% of the contract amount = $356.31 per day.    FPE is paid by VCH upon receipt of funds from MOH, approximately 3 months after the locum.

REEF when on call is $400/day -paid out on a quarterly basis from VCH

After Hours Premium:

  • $25/hr – for hours worked from 1800-2300
  • $25/hr – for hours worked on Saturdays, Sundays or Holidays from 0800-2300
  • $35/hr – for hours worked from 2300-0800
    • AHP qualifies for the FPE of 25.62%

MOCAP on call:  In addition to the above.

Travel costs will be reimbursed by VCH upon receipt of the travel expense claim form which I would provide you.

Travel Honorarium:   Based on the Rural Locum Program reimbursement system as follows per return trip:   Travel to Bella Bella from Vancouver averages 8 – 12 hours return.   

Less than 2.5 hours           $250.00

2.5 to 4 hours                    $500.00

4 to 10 hours                     $1000.00

over 10 hours                    $1500.00 (maximum)

Patient volume depends of course, but averages 20 patients per day, with night call being less. 

Housing is provided at no cost.

You will need to be credentialed and privileged for Bella Coola as a VCH site.

If you are available and interested in providing assistance during this time frame, please contact Cindy Aronson with your availability. Cindy can provide you with exact remuneration and site information.  




Cindy Aronson
T .250.306.2276
F. 604.699.9708

Bella Coola

Bella Coola sits in a mountain valley at the head of the North Bentinck Channel. The community is at the end of a long, truly magnificent fjord, on the mainland coast of British Columbia. It is 500 km north of Vancouver and 450 km west of Williams Lake.

Approximately 2500 people live in Bella Coola. The population is fairly evenly split between members of the Nuxalk Nation and people of non‐aboriginal descent. Many have Scandinavian roots. In the 1890s a wave of immigrants arrived from Norway, attracted by the

opportunity to fish and farm in a place similar to their country of origin.

Here, where the mountains meet the sea, you’ll discover a natural paradise and a community that extends a warm welcome to its health care professionals.

Cindy Aronson
T .250.306.2276
F. 604.699.9708 

Bella Coola

There are multiple RGPLP [Rural General Practitioner Program of BC (Locums of BC)]requests for both sites throughout the year. Please contact Cindy Aronson for specific dates. All other dates are with a VCH locum contract.

Cindy Aronson
T .250.306.2276
F. 604.699.9708

RLP - Rural  Locum

Date required Community  Details Contact Info Other Info
Ongoing Ashcroft

Ashcroft Urgent and Primary Care Centre (UPCC) is currently looking for physicians to temporarily support coverage on weekends, Saturday and Sunday, based on when there are gaps in the schedule:

  • Physician Compensation: $4,551.15 for the weekend plus travel, meals while travelling, mileage, and accommodations (5+ days goes through the Rural Locum Program if physicians wish to come for longer periods of time)
  • Model: Urgent & Primary Care Centre with team-based care
  • UPCC Hours: 0800-2000, 7 days a week, patients are pre-booked from 0800-1000 with space to accommodate walk in patients; after 10am there is walk-in patient availability with nurse triage

Site Lead, Michelle Murray,


Practitioner program of BC only
Other dates are under the Locum contract

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