Rural and Remote Division of Family Practice

Kyle Munro, NP - Chapter Lead, Hazelton

Kyle is a nurse practitioner - family all ages. He works alongside the other Hazelton medical staff out of the Wrinch doctors clinic. With that said, Kyle has a family practice mostly providing outreach in the West Gitxsan Nations of Gitsegukla, Gitwangak, and Gitanyow. When in Hazelton he provides addiction care and support on top of his regular primary care work. Other clinical interests include team care, health informatics, and occupational health. 

Kyle grew up in Kitimat, but lived in Edmonton for awhile. He moved back west with his partner, Heather and kids - Jensen and Francie early in pandemic days as toilet paper supplies were thinning. Moving from Edmonton to Hazelton has been a big change but the beauty of the Gitsxan Lax Yip and the warm welcome from the Gitxsan Peoples and coworkers at Wrinch have really made it home. He is excited to support the medical staff in taking on the Hazelton chapter lead position and experiencing a deeper understanding of the rural and remote division network. Ultimately, Kyle hopes to contribute and learn from the group as we all try to navigate the many challenges to meeting our patients needs and finding joy in rural spaces.