Prince George Division of Family Practice

Membership Benefits

What is the Prince George Division of Family Practice?

A community of family physicians:

  • with common goals and the same geographic area
  • currently discussing/contemplating common issues impacting patient care in our community
  • interested in working as partners with their health authority and community partners
  • who currently have a practice or participate as a primary care physician providing comprehensive care

Who is eligible to join?

Membership for the Prince George Division of Family Practice is available to all family physicians practicing primary care in the community.  Members can be Residents or Family Practice physicians.  Medical students are able to sign up for a login to use UptoDate, but must apply to be members once they enter residency.  

Medical students and residents signing up online should choose "Student/Resident" as their Division, instead of Prince George.

Apply online or download a PDF membership form.

Why join?

Participation offers a number of benefits, including:

  • increased job satisfaction through participation in an enhanced and supported professional community of family practitioners 
  • increased ability to advocate for the needs of patients and for yourself and your colleagues
  • more support from colleagues in caring for complex or unattached patients