North Shore Division of Family Practice

Work on the North Shore

North Shore family physicians have a lot of flexibility in the way they practice medicine. With a population of 190,000, the North Shore is large enough to have a wide range of health care infrastructure and services, but small enough to be a close-knit community. Over 30 specialties are represented on the North Shore by about 180 practitioners. Lions Gate Hospital in North Vancouver has 268 beds and seven operating rooms. A team of hospitalists ensures that in-patients are well cared for, but many family physicians still choose to work in the hospital; 64% of our members have hospital privileges and 34% regularly provide in-patient care. Many physicians refer their pregnant patients to the Lions Gate Maternity Clinic, yet 28% still do prenatal obstetrics and 9% do deliveries. Teaching opportunities increased in 2014, when the Coastal Family Practice Residency site was established. The flexible scope of practice is probably one of the reasons that 86% of North Shore family physicians report being satisfied with their professional lives. You can view some highlights from our Community Practice Profile Survey to learn more about our members.

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Photo credit: Lions Gate Hospital Foundation