North Shore Division of Family Practice

Physician Recruitment


Aim: Recruit new North Shore family physicians, and support new, retiring, and locum physicians.

Division Contact:

Our recruitment and retention activities are targeted at medical students and residents, physicians who are new to the North Shore, locums, and physicians who are nearing retirement. They include:

  • Supporting connections between Locums and Family Practice Offices.
  • Providing tips for finding and hiring locums.
  • Promoting the North Shore at conferences aimed at students, residents, and new physicians.
  • Welcoming new North Shore physicians.
  • Supporting our members in planning for their retirement.


Work Here on the North Shore


Find out why physicians love Vancouver's North Shore!

Here you will find useful resources and information about working on the North Shore, including information on why you and your family should consider relocating, what you need to know to practice family medicine here, various activities you can find in the community, and any active permanent job postings or locum opportunities.


Retirement Planning for Physicians

The North Shore Division has created a workbook and guidelines to assist physicians with their retirement planning.