Mission Division of Family Practice

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There are many opportunities for members to participate in working groups to support new and existing initiatives.
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With great regret, we are announcing the closure of the Mission Maternity Clinic. Click HERE to learn more. 

Mission Maternity Clinic

Provision of a Doctor of the Day (DOD) service for unattached, hospitalized patients. Click HERE to learn more.

In-Patient Care

Building partnerships with local and regional health care providers, as well as community service providers, to enhance patient care and access to services. Click HERE to learn more.

Community Partnerships

Improving patient care through increased connectivity between the Health Authority’s MHSU team and local physicians. Click HERE to learn more.

Rapid Access Clinic

Supporting Division members with ongoing education and professional development. 


Caring for seniors at The Residence in Mission, the local residential care facility. Click HERE to learn more.

Residential Care Program

Creating an online resource for Mission Division members with a listing of specialists within the community. Click HERE to learn more.

Pathways Project

A GP for Me was a joint initiative of the Government of BC and Doctors of BC. The goal was to strengthen doctor-patient relationships; increase capacity in the primary care system, and help patients who want a family doctor to find one. Click HERE to learn more.

A GP for Me

Learn about BC COVID-19 Self-Assessment Tool, the COVID-19 Vaccine, and COVID Information for Maternity Patients (and more!)

COVID - 19

Shared Care work helps to build a collaborative infrastructure to support sustainable improvements for a coordinated health care system in British Columbia. Click HERE to learn more.

Shared Care

A network of primary care providers in a community with patient medical homes as the foundation. Click HERE to learn more.

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