Delta Division of Family Practice

Our Impact


The Delta Division of Family Practice has identified three primary strategies that will focus on securing local member supports and networks; support the work of family physicians, engage physicians to influence the system, and enhance and expand patient networks of care.  The strategic plan was facilitated by the board and the executive director and evolved through meetings with our membership. 


We continue to collaborate with our community partners in order to build and provide wrap-around team based care for patients dealing with mental health issues.


We continue to plan for physician retirements and population growth by recruiting physicians to practice in Ladner and Tsawwassen. 


Education has been identified as an important part of our membership’s goals and we continue to create educational opportunities for our physicians and clinic staff.


The Collaborative Services Committee (CSC) provides a forum for members of the Delta Division to meet with representatives from the Fraser Health Authority (FHA), Family Practice Services Committee (FPSC), and Ministry of Health (MoH). The Intent of the CSC is to ensure strategic alignment, information sharing, and cooperation between partners in the development of innovation models of primary care patient services. Through this forum, South Delta was able to open a Rapid Access Clinic, allowing patients timely access to psychiatric consultations. 


Through collaboration with community partners, the Division created the "Guidelines for Communications" document to enhance communication and information sharing between family physicians and community partners. 

Delta Division’s Child/Youth Mental Health Substance Use Local Action Team (LAT), with assistance from a Privacy and Information Consultant, adapted the “Guidelines for Communications and Information Sharing Between GPs and Community Partners” for child/youth  mental health.  The document has been forwarded to the CYMHSU Collaborative Information Sharing System Working Group to be considered for use province wide.  It has also been requested by organizations such as the RCMP for use in northern communities.

A GP for Me

A GP for Me was a joint initiative of Doctors of BC and the Government of BC. 

A GP for Me Summary

Follow the link below for key accomplishments and impacts of Delta Division's work in the provincial A GP for Me initiative. 

A GP for Me - Accomplishments and Impacts