White Rock-South Surrey Division of Family Practice

GP-SP Referral Process Project

In White Rock-South Surrey (WRSS), our physician members identified the GP-specialist referral process as a priority to improve. In partnership with Pathways BC, the GP-Specialist Referral Process Project team developed the Pathways Referral Tracker to improve the referral process in the community.

Pathways Referral Tracker (PRT)

The Pathways Referral Tracker is an electronic referral status and patient notification system. It allows the status of a patient’s referral to be tracked by both the GP and specialist office, from the moment the referral is sent, to after the patient is seen by the specialist. The system allows patients to confirm their appointments and sends patients pre-visit information and appointment reminders by text or email.  

PRT Overview Video:


Project Information:

PRT Implementation Resources:

Inside the Implementation Guide, you will find information on:

  • How to prepare your office to use PRT
  • How to train your staff to use PRT
  • Clinic workflow for referrals using PRT

If you are interested in learning more about PRT or the GP-SP Referral Process Project, please contact us at info@wrssdivision.ca or phone 604-531-1888.