Victoria Divisions of Family Practice

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Happy Doctors, Healthy Communities.

Our mission reinforces that well-supported family doctors are foundational for healthy communities and doctors’ ability to provide excellent primary care to patients. A happy doctor in this context is a physician who is fulfilled and re-committed to their work because they are supported, healthy, valued, and empowered. Patients are at the centre of the healthcare system and continue to be the ultimate focus of our work.


Family medicine in Victoria is fulfilling, sustainable, and attractive to all family medicine-trained physicians in their various roles.



  • Affirming the value of all physicians trained in family medicine by amplifying their voice and experience.
  • Committing to being respectful, equitable, and inclusive.
  • Ensuring our work is member-driven in response to local concerns.
  • Engaging with stakeholders to effect needed change at a community and systems level.
  • Executing innovative solutions grounded in practice- and research-based evidence.


Priorities for 2023-24

The 2023-24 work plan reflects two priorities to achieve our vision:

  • Build physician community
  • Strengthen family doctors’ ability to meet their patients’ needs

View our work plan here.


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