Victoria Divisions of Family Practice

Software solutions for Family Doctors


Last updated: February 2023

Telehealth, patient portals, secure messaging and more!

Here you will find access to information on a variety of software systems that can be used by family doctors to provide additional services to patients such as telemedicine and online booking. Most of these services integrate with your EMR and many products offer multiple services, such as a combination of patient portals and online booking.

We have provided a decision tree to help you navigate health technologies based on the most common EMRs in our community. To determine what product options are available to you and learn about each product’s information, select your EMR below. If your EMR is not listed and you need help deciding what other technologies to pursue, contact the Doctors Technology Office (DTO) for support navigating your options.

The Practice Support Program (PSP) also offers a range of services to help family physicians and practice teams enhance the use of health technology and optimize workflows. Visit the PSP website to learn more about coaching and mentoring supports and contact to get involved.

To get started, select which EMR you currently use:

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