Victoria Divisions of Family Practice

PCN Learning Labs

These monthly lunch-and-learn style sessions are a collaborative learning space for PCN members to talk about how PCN development is progressing in each neighbourhood. The idea is we can learn from each other so we don’t start from scratch each time we implement a PCN resource. Content will cover a wide rang of topics driven by the interests of members (e.g., how to refer to your MHSU consultant, how integrate clinical pharmacists into your practice, Longitudinal Case Manager pilot project, cultural safety, etc.). Members will be compensated with 1 session hour for attending.

Find the links to join the below meetings and more PCN information on the PCN page (members need to be logged in to view). PCN members will have received a direct email invitation with a join link. If you didn't receive an invite but think you should have, please email Alyssa Beurling:

If you have not yet joined the PCN and are interested in becoming a member, please submit the PCN application form.

Upcoming PCN Learning Lab dates (last Friday of each month, 12-12:50 pm)

  • June 24: Learn about the impact that the pharmacists are having in the community since launching the program and be reminded about the pharmacist’s scope and how to refer your patients.