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Emergency Response

Background Information

Following enthusiastic reaction from member GPs to the keynote speech at our 2013 AGM on how to utilize GPs in response to a mass disaster, the Division initiated a project to build individual practice resiliency, and to engage GPs in a coordinated system response to a disaster or other surge in demand for primary care. According to provincial authorities, Vancouver Island is unlikely to receive timely assistance from the mainland should a disaster occur, so it is critical for residents to be prepared and self-sufficient. Primary care physicians can play an important role in ensuring the continuity of health service delivery, and from the individual GP’s perspective, advanced preparation can help to increase business resiliency and mitigate the disruption to an individual practice.

The Victoria Division is excited to be an innovator in this area. Considerable evidence supports the value for a community in ensuring family physicians are disaster-ready. The Victoria Division is the first organized group of primary care physicians in Canada to do this work, and remains the only group working in an urban setting. We therefore have an opportunity to work with our partners to break new ground in physician disaster preparedness. Reaching this goal will have a strong potential benefit across the province and possibly the country, as we will spread any knowledge, tools, or mechanisms that we develop as widely as possible.


Practice Continuity Workbook & Guide

The Practice Continuity Guide for Family Physicians was created to assist you in the creation of your own Practice Continuity Plan. You likely have a lot of the information already - it’s just compiling it in one place you have it on hand when you need it most. 


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Practice Continuity Guide

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Practice Continuity Workbook

We hope working through this guide will encourage discussion in your office on how to best react and respond in an emergency. It only takes an afternoon to improve your clinic resiliency!

Completing the workbook will also assist with compliance with the Physicians and Surgeons of BC Assessment Standard for Safety that outlines how clinics should be prepared for a fire, hostile patient, power loss, and earthquake.

Email VDFP at to request a hardcopy of the workbook. 

Physician Department Operations Centre

The Physician Department Operations Centre (P-DOC) is the central communication point for the GP’s response. In the event of a disaster, please report your status as soon as possible.

Call/text: 250-370-8123

P-DOC can direct physicians to patients in need, such as to clinics, residential care, acute care or reception centres.

Be sure to contact P-DOC daily, during and after a disaster to integrate with the community response. P-DOC also acts as the ‘source of truth’ in times of possible mixed messages. 

Disaster Supplies

The Victoria Division of Family Practice has secured discounts on Survival Kits and Emergency Preparedness Kits for our members. Member login is required to access these discounts (up to 25% off).

​​Office managers and MOAs are also eligible. Contact if you need assistance logging in.  


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