Victoria Division of Family Practice

Collaborative Services Committee

The Victoria Collaborative Services Committee (CSC) is the vehicle through which Victoria family physicians, represented by the Victoria Division, collaborate with partners in the local primary care system, including Island Health, our Indigenous partners and the General Practice Services Committee (GPSC), a partnership between Doctors of BC and the Ministry of Health.

The CSC is the forum for discussing issues of concern for patient care outcomes, co-determining priorities and co-designing solutions. Additional representation from patients and others in the community is called upon as needed. 

The CSC partners are guided in their work by the objectives of the Triple Aim:

  • Improve patient or provider experience of care.
  • Improve population health.
  • Create and enable financial sustainability in the system.

CSC membership as at January 25, 2021:

  • Dr. Katharine McKeen (VDFP Co-chair)
  • Dr. Tim Troughton (VDFP Co-Chair)
  • Dr. Aaron Childs (VDFP)
  • Dr. Caroline van Es (VDFP)
  • Catriona Park (VDFP Executive Director)
  • Dr. Kelsey Louie (interim Indigenous Representative)
  • Dr. Richard Crow (CSC Co-Chair, Island Health)
  • Keva Glynn (CSC Co-Chair, Island Health)
    additional Island Health members tbc in February 2021
  • Dr. Sari Cooper (GPSC)
  • Crystal White (Doctors of BC Engagement Partner, Engagement & Quality Improvement)
  • Dr. Kate Evans (ongoing guest, representing SIDFP)