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DTO Physician Quick Start to Virtual Care webinar presentation and recording (March 19, 2020 session).

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DTO Doxy.Me Workflow webinar presentation (April 8, 2020)

Virtual Care in quick steps - North Shore webinar (webinar recording and slides).

Telemedicine session held on Jan 30, 2020

The Victoria/South Island Divisions Joint IT Working Group has recently started an initiative to support physicians wishing to implement telemedicine (virtual care) in their offices. A member survey in the fall of 2019 indicated a high interest in telemedicine and that physicians needed more information to get started.

We held an information session on January 30, 2020 where local physicians shared their experiences doing telemedicine, and a peer mentor from the Doctors Technology Office presented on key concerns that the survey had identified, including patient suitability and consent; privacy and security; and billing and charting.

Slides from the Jan 30 Telemedicine information session:

Additional resources

  1. A scan of relevant policies has been completed by the Victoria Division and can be read here.
  2. A Telemedicine for PMH/PCN section has been added to the PCN Q&A (members need to be logged in to view).