Victoria Division of Family Practice

Island Medical Program Teaching Opportunities

If you are interested in any of the teaching opportunities below within the Island Medical Program, please contact and we will be happy to provide you with additional information.

Opportunities include:

Welcome First Year Students to Observe You in Family Practice

This fall, all medical students are expected to resume their clinical experiences in a modified form. We are committed to providing a stellar Family Practice experience for our year 1-2 students and to supporting FP preceptors in that work. We have met with some preceptors to brainstorm creative ways of involving learners in this new environment and we hope
you will consider working with a student this fall, as it is more important than ever. 

We are looking for preceptors to host these students for four to eight, two-hour observation experiences over the Fall term. They would follow you either in your clinic or virtually to get their first introduction to clinical medicine in family practice. Virtual medical appointments would be satisfactory for these observation experiences if an in-person experience is not possible.

There are no assignments or evaluations required.

Students will be provided appropriate PPE by Island Health for in person clinic sessions.

Preceptors are compensated at $90 per two hour session, $360 for 4 sessions in the term.
If desired, a preceptor could host two students at the same time for $110 per two hour session (the UBC Vancouver Model).

Please let us know if you have any questions – my contact information is below but you can also contact our Program Coordinator, Eleanor Good, at 250-634-4681 (cell) | | 250-519-1549 (fax).

Clinical Experiences Family Practice Years 1 and 2

The IMP welcomes applications from family physicians willing to provide clinical teaching in their practice covering both general family practice (Year 1 and 2) and focused areas of family practice (Year 2) within the renewed curriculum.

The students go out to their clinical sessions on Tuesday or Thursday afternoons (First Year) and on Wednesday and Friday afternoons (Second Year) for approximately 8 sessions per term. For those practitioners who would love to teach in this manner, but for whom the time and schedule just do not work, some time shifting can occur. Sessions run for at least two hours, and not more than three hours.

There are additional opportunities for teaching in the Family Practice-oriented seminars and workshops.


Clinical Experiences - Clinical Skills Years 1 and 2

Clinical Skills teaching occurs in the Year 1 and 2 Clinical Experiences portion of the Renewed Curriculum. The IMP welcomes applications from family physicians willing to act as tutors in these sessions, where students are taught history-taking and physical examination skills in our resource rooms at the Royal Jubilee Hospital.

Tutors are required for single sessions, and for recurring blocks of 2-4 sessions, which typically run in the afternoons. Sessions run for 2-4 hours.


Opportunities for Teaching Year 4 Students:

Please consider being a preceptor for a senior medical student for either a two- or four-week elective experience in Family Medicine.

Students greatly appreciate the opportunity to work with Family Physicians in their offices and gain exposure to common clinical problems seen in Family Practice. Preceptors in the past have also found this to be a very enjoyable and rewarding experience.


Preparation for Medical Practice

This fourth-year six-week course is an opportunity for students to return from their various clinical rotations and come together in both large and small group learning sessions to help consolidate their learning and clinical reasoning skills while also helping them prepare for their CARMS interviews and their next step into postgraduate training.  

Tutors are required for the many small group and standardized patient sessions that occur during these six weeks.


Year 3 Rural Family Practice Rotation

The Rural Family Practice Rotation is a province-wide rotation that is four weeks in duration and is scheduled throughout the academic year. This rotation allows the students to experience rural life and practice in a rural setting with the hope that this will encourage more students to become rural family physicians.


Teaching Opportunities and potential participation within the development and implementation of the Renewed Curriculum

There are a number of new opportunities for participation available for our family physicians in the new MEDD courses of the Renewed Curriculum.

Family Practice input is needed in particular in the theme sessions as the cases are developed for Case Based Learning (CBL). 

The Case Writing teams will also be welcoming the participation of interested family physicians. There is much to be done as the Renewed Curriculum rolls out.

There will also be regular Clinical Decision making sessions planned for our students. It will be important to have the family physician voice, and other clinical specialties along with the basic scientists’ perspective in these sessions.



“FLEX (flexible and enhanced learning) is a new, innovative series of three courses in the renewed UBC medical undergraduate program that offers medical undergraduate students unique opportunities to pursue a variety of scholarly activities within a defined learning space.” It includes community based learning which can include medical students helping physicians in the community with any research that they are interested to do for example, or to help develop a workshop, learning materials for physicians or patients, review resources that are available in the community for a certain chronic disease such as diabetes.


Faculty Development Sessions

The upcoming IMP Faculty Development workshops are emailed to faculty and listed at click here. Most workshops have CME credits available for participants.

For more information, contact: Nicole Coutts