Code of Conduct

The intent of the Code of Conduct is to ensure a safe and respectful workplace for all and to enhance the effectiveness of meetings.

This Code sets out the minimum standard of conduct required of Members of the Division (General and Associate), staff, contractors and committee members in their dealings with one another and when participating in any events, meetings, other activities sponsored by the Division. This Code addresses the main relevant areas but is not designed to be exhaustive.


  1. Members, staff, contractors and committee members shall deal with each other openly, honestly, truthfully and in good faith and shall observe proper decorum at all times.
  2. Members, staff, contractors and committee members interactions shall be courteous, respectful and free of animosity.
  3. Members, staff contractors and committee members shall engage in respectful communication, honoring opinions, and focusing on issues not personalities.
  4. Each member, staff, contractor and committee member signs the Code to indicate their understanding and agreement to abide by the code and consequences of a breach.

Consequences of breach:

  1. In the first instance of a breach, ask for a pause in the dialogue so everyone present can reflect on the code of conduct. As needed, senior Division staff and/or a Board Director present at the meeting will take the person aside afterwards to follow up.
  2. In the second instance, the alleged breach of the code will be reviewed by the Board, and the situation clearly defined in writing.
  3. An opportunity for member, staff, contractor or committee member to discuss the breach with the Board will be provided. The subject of the alleged breach may wish to bring a representative with them to the discussion.
  4. Members, staff, contractors and committee members will receive a written warning from the Board. Should follow up actions be required, they may include temporary suspension from Division activity or in the case of serious breaches up to and including expulsion from Division membership, Division staff complement and/or committee.

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