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What is a Primary Care Network (PCN)?

A Primary Care Network (PCN) is a clinical network of local primary care service providers located in a geographical area, with Patient Medical Homes (PMHs) as the foundation. A PCN is enabled by a partnership between Divisions of Family Practice and health authorities.

In a PCN, physicians (via patient medical homes), other primary care providers, allied health care providers, health authority service providers, and community organizations work together to provide all the primary care services a local population requires.

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Goals of Primary Care Network:

  • Enhance patient care using a team-based approach to care.
  • Support each other and work to their strengths.
  • Further link patients to other parts of the system, including the health authority’s specialized community services programs for vulnerable patient groups (e.g. frail elderly, and mental health and substance use).
  • Collectively increase a community’s capacity to provide greater access to primary care for people without a primary care provider.


Info Sheets


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North Shore PCNs

There are three Primary Care Networks (PCN) in the North Shore, each with a population of 50,000 – 100,000.  Each PCN will manage services and be accountable for population health outcomes, including primary care attachment. In addition to the population size and geography, other barriers including traffic and travel time, were taken into consideration when planning for the three PCNs.

The North Shore PCNs are: PCN West, PCN Central and PCN East.

PCN Regions Map_0.png

(Source: North Shore PCN Service Plan, 2019) 


Executive Service Plan

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