North Shore Division of Family Practice

Physician Wellness



Since 2018, MDs4Wellness has been a joint committee of NS Division of Family Practice and LGH Medical Staff members with a focus on physician well being through social and educational activities. Starting in 2024, we are hosting a new Well Doc event series, where specific topics pertaining to physician satisfaction, growth, and flourishing are being presented and discussed. The initiative will also be hosting several social events throughout the year such as snowshoeing at Cypress this winter, hiking on the North Shore trails and a (potential) summer beach picnic.


Physician Peer Support Program

The North Shore Physician Peer Support program offers brief non-clinical support to physicians dealing with work or life-related stressors through trained physician peer supporters.

We have 6 peer supporters who have recently been trained through the support of the Physician Health Program. The goal is to help change the culture of medicine by promoting positive and supportive interactions between peers & colleagues.


Wellness Resources

Physician Health Program- 24/7 support for physicians and their families 

UBC Resident Wellness Resource - Up to date resources on UBC resident wellness

Overcoming Perfectionism - Helpful workbook and informatin sheets to overcome perfectionism

WellMD/Standford University - Resources to help physicians, their partners, and children get help and to learn what works for them

CMA Physician Health and Wellness - Physician Wellness support line and resources

CMPA Wellness - Helpful resources on medical-legal assistance

Behind the Stethoscope Podcast- Connects a cross-section of local physicians of varied backgrounds, specialties, and experience


COVID-19 Wellness Resources

A Comprehensive Handbook: The COVID-19 Survival Toolkit for Health Care Heroes- VCH

Staying Well While Working from Home – Infographic – BCCFP

Caring for Yourself – BC Family Doctors

Managing the Impact – Homewood Health


Stay Resilient

Abbreviated Maslach Burnout Inventory - Learn about the leading measure of burnout 

5 Ways To Say No - Valuable resources to learn how to say 'NO'

Manage Your Energy, Not Your Time By: Harvard Business Review - Article about how to manage energy

The Doctor Paradox Podcast- Addresses why despite having incredible meaningful jobs, doctors and increasingly unhappy in their work

Physician Wellness First Podcast- Explores physician well-being, medical education and burnout prevention

Empowering Women Physicians Podcast - Helps physicians set goals and empowers them to take steps towards creating their best lives starting today

The Brave Enough Show Podcast - Each episode is meant to inspire you by discussing how to avoid work/life burnout through community, authenticity and courage


Meditation, Mindfulness and Journaling

Center for Mindfulness - Courses on meditation and mindfulness 

Provincial Health Services Mindfulness - Sharing mindfulness resources including helpful videos, mindfulness practice/ medication, websites, apps and local organizations in BC

10% Happier By: Dan Harris - Podcast- six months free access for physicians, email:

Healthy Mind Platter - Seven essential mental activities to optimize brain matter and create well-being 

The Happy MD Posdcast - Podcast to help with physician burnout

Headspace App - Gives you the tools and resources to look after you mind. 

Breathe by Dr. Jud App - simple but effective one-minute breathing exercises.

Anxiety Canada Mindshift App - evidence-based mental health relief  


Performing Arts and Creative Hearts

Just Color – 1,500 free adult colouring pages.

ArtyFactory – free art lessons to improve skills and enjoyment in creating artworks.


For Book Lovers and the Brainy Bunch 

The Wellbeing of Medical Relationships- A helpful resource for physicians to refer to for assistance with developing and maintaining healthy, happy personal and professional relationships

Attending: Medicine, Mindfulness and Humanity By: Dr. Ronald Epstein- Discusses mindfulness and medical pratice written for patients, their families and for doctors

Resilient By: Dr. Rick Hanson - Learn how to develop key inner strengths-- like grit, gratitude, and compassion-- to stay calm, confident, and happy no matter what life throws at you

The Happiness Equation By: Neil Pasricha - Teaches you how to want nothing, do anything and have everything