Patient Initiatives


GP Link


GP link is one of the North Shore division's A GP for Me strategies. The program has been launched as a pilot mechanism for connecting unattached patients with a family physician.

Long-term Care Initiative 


Ensure each resident in every North Shore residential care facility has a dedicated GP as most responsible physician based on five best practice requirements, and develop a program that attracts more physicians to residential care.

Mental Health and Substance Use


The Child and Youth Mental Health and Substance Use (CYMHSU) Collaborative aims to improve access to integrated mental health and substance use (MHSU) services and supports.

Rapid Orthopedic Consultation Clinic

Rapid Orthopedic Consultation Clinic_0.jpg

Coming Soon

Health Connections Clinic


The HealthConnection Clinic provides health care services to vulnerable people who have medical, mental health, and/or socio-economic challenges, and no regular access to a family physician.

PP Hospitalist Initiative

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